Top Things to Do in Cyprus

Top things to do in Cyprus

Cyprus has long been an unbeatable destination for a summer filled with sun, sand and relaxation. If you’re headed for its sunny climes this year, but are still scratching your head in puzzlement over what to do to fill your break, here are a few ideas for you: the top things to do in Cyprus.

To take in historic Cyprus, pay a visit to the ancient site of Kourion, which lies settled on a cliff top and is steeped in history with both Mycenaean and Roman ruins aplenty. Get lost wandering the Roman theatre and baths, or stand in awe of the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates. It’s best to visit Kourion early on in the day, to avoid the rush that comes when escorted tour groups arrive. Travel to the nearby village of Episkopi afterwards to treat yourself to a refreshing lunch and cool drink in a local cafe.

For a different side of Cyprus’s history, visit Nicosia to see the ancient Walled City. Though the modern city is cheery, large and sprawling, the ancient city remains in the centre, encircled by picturesque fortifications. The medieval town centre is surprising in that it is not just an ancient site: its streets are still alive with shops, bars, restaurants and local residents. Turn a corner and you will undoubtedly stumble across an old building that stands as a monument to the town’s Byzantine past – like many areas in Cyprus, Nicosia is simply brimming with history.

To view an entirely undeveloped side of Cyprus, head instead for the Akamas region in the south. With breathtaking scenery that comprises rugged coastlines, sandy coves, clear water and wooded hillsides, this is the area of Cyprus where turtles come to nest and dolphins can sometimes be seen near the shore. Here you will find empty beaches and peaceful villages which can provide welcome respite from busier areas of Cyprus, and can reveal a new side to the island which will prove hard to forget.

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