Cyprus on a Budget

Cyprus on a Budget

Many people flock to Cyprus on holiday every year as it’s a destination that promises sun, sea, sand and history. It’s undoubtedly popular for a reason, but its popularity unfortunately means that it hasn’t remained a cheap, budget place for a holiday. If you’re eager to have your summer break in Cyprus, but are keen to do it on a small budget, there are plenty of ways for you to save.

You can start by looking into cheap accommodation and flights. Try out companies like Thomas Cook and their various package holidays that can save you money whilst sorting out the main points on your check list at once – flights, hotel and transportation. See if you can take advantage of any deals going:, for example, has a “top secret” promotion which allows you to book great hotels at reduced rates. The only drawback, of course, is that you won’t know where exactly you’re staying, hence the “top secret” name. However, you are given the star rating and a rough idea of whereabouts it is situated.

Another great way of saving some cash is to stay in self-catered accommodation rather than a hotel. When you have your own kitchen, you can avoid spending lots of money eating out every night, and can have fun exploring the local shops to buy cheap, fresh produce that gives you a real flavour of Cyprus. When it does come to eating out, avoid tourist-friendly areas which are likely to have hiked up their prices – head out of the clamour a little, and you’re sure to find great places that are both quieter, cheaper and more authentic.

Think, in advance, about whether you’ll be travelling around Cyprus a lot during your holiday. Would it be more cost effective to hire a car, rather than to take lots of expensive taxi rides? Or do you plan on staying local, and could therefore save the money that would have gone on a rented car and stick to public transport instead?

It can also help if you do a bit of research in advance to find budget-friendly activities for your holiday. If you’re travelling as a family, there are always plenty of discount deals on offer for kids and groups. Otherwise, simply look for sights and experiences that won’t cost the world – though it’s great to treat yourself to the odd luxury, there’s plenty to do in Cyprus that isn’t horribly pricey!

Ultimately, though it may no longer be a fantastic “budget” destination, Cyprus still has plenty to offer the traveller with a smaller budget. Don’t be put off by the thought of pricey accommodation and restaurants – do your homework, and you’ll find that Cyprus on a budget can still make for a brilliant holiday.


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